First Light Church will resume on campus worship gatherings beginning June 7; Gatherings will still be livestreamed at 9:30am and 11:00am.

First Light Church Re-Entry Plan


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Small Group Overview


Lesson: SmallGroupGuide531.pdf

Bulletin:  Bulletin.pdf

How to host your group online: Zoom   Group Leader Tutorial   How to Join a Group Meeting



Student Video

Youth Group is online Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm. 

For questions or more information, contact Lee Renfro, Student Pastor, at




Preschool Lesson Video


Lesson: PreschoolLesson531.pdf

Activity: 5.31JosephColoringActivityPage.pdf

Car Conversations: CarConvos.pdf




Kids Lesson Video


Kids Worship Video


Lesson: KidsLesson531.pdf

Activity: TemplateforJosephcoat.pdf   SpinnerforJosephgame.pdf    SituationcardsforJosephgame.pdf    JosephCoatcoloringpage.pdf    BiblereviewcardsforJosephgame.pdf

Car Conversations:  CarConvos.pdf

Additional Resources: AdditionalResources.pdf